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Iulia Lascau attends the Eurus Leaders’ Convention

Published on Jul 8th, 2024

Iulia Lascau, Chair of the EMEA Board, recently attended French member, Alliance Eurus’ Leaders’ Convention in Bordeaux. The convention focussed on key areas such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), best practice sharing and customer experience enhancement.

At the event, Iulia highlighted strengthening global partnerships and exploring new opportunities for Eurus members for cross-border collaboration through BKR International.

Iulia engaged in in-depth discussions on integrating sustainability into business strategies to foster a positive impact. Valuable exchanges on innovative strategies to enhance operations and services were also a highlight, reflecting a commitment to excellence in all aspects of work.

Iulia expressed gratitude to all participants and organisers for making the convention a success, emphasising the value of networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. The event further solidified a commitment to excel in business practices and drive towards new adventures and successes in the future.