From Louisville to Bucharest – DMLO and Argus Audit doing Business, sharing Knowledge, and creating Relationships

Published on Nov 15th, 2023

The collaboration between Jeff Calderon, Partner at DMLO (Louisville, Kentucky) who have recently re-joined BKR, and Iulia Lascau, Managing partner at Argus Audit (Bucharest, Romania) exemplifies the ideal on which BKR is founded. Together, they have demonstrated the potential for professionals in the global marketplace, leveraging their expertise, capitalizing on the increased global reach afforded to them by BKR, and have successfully collaborated to better serve their clients with international operations

Jeff explains “A US software firm opened a new office in Romania, a market where I have no expertise”.  Through BKR, Jeff was introduced to Iulia Lascau. Jeff recognised that Iulia’s international expertise coupled with her local understanding, positioned Argus Audit as a reliable in-country provider, and offered an optimal gateway for international expansion in Romania and together, they were able to customize their service and collaborate to cater to the unique needs of this client. Mutual trust formed the cornerstone of their partnership, as they recognized the potential for serving businesses with international operations. “Without this BKR relationship”, adds Jeff,  “I would have lost the client”.

Jeff and Iulia specialized in providing comprehensive international tax planning, compliance, and advisory services, effectively assisting clients in navigating the intricacies of the European market. The success of their collaboration was evident, not only in the significant expansion of their clientele, but also in the establishment of Jeff and Iulia as “go-to experts” in international taxation for businesses entering the Romanian market. These achievements were further underscored by the positive client experiences they delivered, solidifying their reputations as trustworthy consultants who care deeply about their clients’ success.

As BKR International continues to foster a collaborative global community, Jeff and Iulia serve as shining examples of how the pillars of B, K, and R come to life –  unlocking unlimited opportunities for growth, both individually and as a collective force.