Tim Morris and AYCE 2

BKR CEO Tim Morris Meets with AYCE LABORYTAX SL in Madrid

Published on Nov 28th, 2023

BKR CEO Tim Morris met with Beatriz Ocon and Ignacio Fernández Mateos of AYCE LABORYTAX SL in Madrid on November 27.

AYCE LABORYTAX SL will serve as host of BKR’s 2025 Annual Worldwide Meeting in Madrid.  As such, the group discussed ways in which the firm could best support BKR and the multi-day conference.

They also took the opportunity to discuss BKR’s offerings, including other meetings and practice groups, their attendance at the 2023 Americas Regional Meeting in Mexico City this past May, and the many opportunities to do business with other BKR members in the EMEA Region and throughout the world.