Scarpello Consulting will provide discounted cost segregation and 45L tax credit services to all BKR member firms, working with corporate property owners, investors, and their tax advisors to provide the strategies needed to accelerate depreciation deductions, defer tax, and improve cash flow.

Scarpello Consulting will bill each participating member firm 75% of their standard fees for completing a cost segregation study. The firm will be given an opportunity to decide whether and what percentage of the remaining fees (up to 100%) they would like to pass on to their client.

For information, contact Michael Pruss at 1-402-214-7030 or

Watch the recent Scarpello Consulting demo session here.

Scarpello Group is a professional services firm that specializes in partnering with CPA firms to deliver business intelligence solutions using data analytics and consulting services. They mine, transform, and organize business operations data into actionable business intelligence for their CPA partners and their clients.

Their team of consultants and data professionals leverage transaction and business operations data generated as a byproduct of today’s common technology, including company ERP systems to create visibility into critical business lines of any organization. No more spreadsheets. They will combine multiple data sources to solve legacy system challenges, automate routine reporting tasks, and enhance forecasting capabilities.

No overpriced software licenses or endless consulting hours. Only solutions that improve margins, reveal cost savings for clients, and create engagement opportunities for BKR member firms.

For more information contact Ben Titus.