The EMEA Global Mobility Business Development Groups meets in Chatou

Published on Jul 12th, 2023

The EMEA region Global Mobility Business Development Group had a productive meeting in Chatou, at the offices of French member Exponens. This was the first face-to-face meeting for the group and provided a perfect forum to develop Business opportunities, share Knowledge and build Relationships.

Chaired by Paul Tucker from UNW in Newcastle, UK, the aim of the meeting was “To expose the capabilities of member firms with regard to Global Mobility and to develop a product for the BKR website to show case that capability.”

Working towards a product to take to market, the team included Alain Forestier, and Andréas Knutsen from Exponens; Amina Muhammad from Harris & Trotter LLP in London and Luca Iuliano, from Ditrag, Italy. From Germany we were joined by Steffen Schreiner from Schiff Martini and Kristin Stiller from RAW Partner. Amanda Couzi flew in from Abou Nasr in Beirut;  Fanos Pavlos from Eurofast in Cyprus and Iulia Lascau from Argus Audit in Romania. Finally, Marouska Farrugia from Tri-Mer Services, in Malta;  Sieglinde Buttinger and Tomislav Stipic from Artus, Vienna, and Rui Ribeiro, from Esteves, Pinho & Assoc. in Portugal completed the team.

The team will reconvene in the autumn.

If you wish to join this group or find out more about EMEA Global Mobility please contact