Flynth introduces use of game-based assessments

Published on Mar 8th, 2024

Netherlands based member firm, Flynth is the first accounting organization to introduce company-wide use of game-based assessments.

As an accounting and advisory organization for SMEs, it’s crucial for Flynth to attract the right talents and professionals for a long-term relationship. An assessment during the application process benefits both parties. Thus, as the first major advisory and accounting organization in the Netherlands, Flynth has chosen to collaborate with Equalture, an innovative partner in the field of game-based assessment solutions. Starting no later than May 1, every applicant at Flynth will be tested with an assessment based on a game.

Flynth believes it’s important to place the right people in the right positions, allowing employees to have control over their own careers. Utilizing game-based assessments at the start of the selection process not only improves the quality of incoming talent but also contributes to retention. These assessments are designed to prevent manipulation and biases. For example, practicing in advance plays no role, and language is scarcely used in the assessments, making the process more inclusive. The use of game-based techniques not only yields reliable results but also reduces stress and provides a fairer chance for candidates. It also positively affects candidates’ perceptions.

Ingrid van Gelder, Manager of Recruitment at Flynth, emphasizes,

“A game-based assessment focused on objectivity, inclusivity, and competency-driven recruitment will help us broaden our labor market. At the same time, the assessment method and the personal report are gifts to the candidate.”

Flynth Values Competencies and Skills

The immense pressure on the labor market demands the courage to do things differently. Therefore, Flynth is taking a further step in broadening the labor market potential.

“We are broadening our potential by not only looking at education but also at the competencies and skills of candidates. Competency-oriented recruitment is becoming increasingly important, including in the accounting and advisory sectors. Implementing game-based assessments during the application process allows Flynth to give competencies a larger role within the selection process and to bind candidates who may not yet have the right education (unless legally required) but do possess the necessary competencies and skills,” says Ingrid van Gelder, recruitment manager at Flynth.
Besides the increased focus on competencies, the use of game-based assessments enables Flynth to maintain an inclusive and objective selection process. “This way, we offer all candidates equal and fair chances,” says van Gelder.

Flynth Collaborates with Equalture

To introduce the game-based assessment, Flynth is working with Equalture, a software developer in this area. Equalture focuses on enterprise organizations and has an extensive track record in these assessments. It operates with the vision:

“A world where everyone has an objective and fair chance at a job and is selected based on talent. That’s the world we want to create.”

Ingrid van Gelder, Manager of Recruitment, and Bas Hidding, Chairman of the Board, discuss the new collaboration with Equalture. A video is available for more insights.

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