Deirdre Hartmann of Nisivoccia LLP Nominates Sean Abrusci for SBCA’s Humanitarian of the Year Award

Published on May 21st, 2024

Deirdre Hartmann, a distinguished partner at Nisivoccia LLP (Mt. Arlington) and years-long member of the Small Business Council of America’s (SBCA) Advisory Board, proudly nominated Sean Abrusci of Rockaway, New Jersey, a US Navy veteran and esteemed philanthropist, for the SBCA’s prestigious 2024 Humanitarian of the Year Award. The Humanitarian of the Year Award recognizes a small business owner who has gone above and beyond in committing their time or support to charitable activities that make the world a better place for people in need.

A client and close friend of Deirdre’s family, Sean has demonstrated exemplary commitment to philanthropy, particularly in his efforts to aid veterans and combat veteran suicide. As a US Navy veteran himself, he has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at supporting fellow veterans and addressing pressing global issues. Notably, he has played a pivotal role in various veteran-involved charities and activities, including leading the Veterans Chapter of Wine to Water with a mission to “Combat Veteran Suicide by Combating the World’s Water Crisis.”

Sean’s journey began as a U.S. Marine serving in Afghanistan. After returning, he began to experience the reality of war, losing his fellow marines that he served with to suicide. With his desire to help prevent veteran suicides, as well as find his purpose again, Sean joined the Wine to Water organization where he was able to accomplish both. Wanting to help others, his journey led him to civil service when he became a Patrol Officer and DEA loan officer for the Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Department. Sean still serves as a Patrol Officer today.

While he remained active in his philanthropic endeavors, Sean recently embarked on a new venture aimed at supporting veterans and first responders. In 2024, he founded Abrusci’s Coffee, a business dedicated to providing the finest coffee beans, cold brew, and nitro cold brew while positively impacting local, veteran, and first responder communities, as well as nonprofit organizations and the communities where the beans are sourced. Sean realized through his travels and humanitarian work that coffee had a theme of bringing people together. After DEA missions or a day at the police department, everyone would gather and destress over a cup of coffee. It all came together for Sean when he realized he would start a coffee roasting business to help support veterans and First Responders, among others. Abrusci’s Coffee’s mission is deeply rooted in a strong work ethic and giving back to the community. With a team hailing from military and law enforcement backgrounds, as well as a strong family foundation in philanthropic and nonprofit work, Abrusci’s Coffee aims to make a difference, one drip at a time.

His tireless dedication and impactful contributions have not gone unnoticed. On May 8, 2024, at the SBCA’s Annual Congressional Awards Reception held at the US Capitol in Washington D.C., Sean was honored as the recipient of the Humanitarian of the Year Award. This prestigious accolade recognizes his exceptional humanitarian efforts and significant positive societal impact. As a bonus to the notable recognition, the SBCA helped raise money for a philanthropy of Sean’s choice – a reward that truly hits close to home.

“We are thrilled to see Sean receive this well-deserved recognition,” said Deirdre. “His unwavering dedication to serving others, especially veterans, is truly inspiring. It has been an honor for our firm to nominate him for this esteemed award and to witness his remarkable contributions being celebrated on a national platform.”

Deirdre expressed gratitude for the opportunity to bring Sean’s humanitarian endeavors to the attention of the SBCA, emphasizing the importance of highlighting such impactful work within the community.

Nisivoccia extends heartfelt congratulations to Sean and the Abrusci family on this remarkable achievement and remains committed to supporting his ongoing efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of others.