BKR Center of Excellence Releases Workforce Engagement Report

Published on Mar 18th, 2024

The BKR Center of Excellence has undertaken a significant project around Workforce Retention for the benefit of its members. The research for this project included surveys of our members’ CPA staff at all levels and follow-up investigation on the relevant issues. As a result of this undertaking, a significant number of recommendations are presented, including the following on communications:

A great start at a ‘formal communication program’ would be to provide a bi-monthly, firm-wide update delivered by selected individuals. At the outset, it can be as simple as addressing the following three questions, with time for questions from the floor:

1.  What significant changes, if any, have taken place at the firm?
2.  How is the firm performing in comparison to budget?
3.  What is the general state of affairs at the firm with the economy and with the profession? 

Additional questions can be addressed as the staff provides feedback.

There is also an extensive section on the hybrid work environment:

Overall, it seems that remote work is highly desirable among employees and can have several benefits for them. This is especially true with individuals under the age of 35 who look far more favourably on remote access. 

Based on the feedback and subsequent research, the work week should be broken down into three categories: mandatory office time, flexible office time, and remote work time. The timing of the mandatory component can be different by team but should be consistent in terms of length and expectations throughout the firm. This is also the case with flexible office time. The required days or blocks can differ, but they should be consistent.”

This extensive report is available to all member firms.