SurePrep is the leader in 1040 tax productivity for CPA firms. We deliver seamless integration with your existing tax software to automate and streamline the entire 1040 process for both the taxpayer and tax professional. Using SurePrep solutions, accounting firms can increase productivity and profitability while promoting a completely digital tax workflow.

BKR Members’ offer and how to access:
• 20% software discount for new customers (good for SPbinder, 1040SCAN ORGANIZE, 1040SCAN PRO, and the 1040SCANverify base fee). SurePrep sometimes offers early season discounts that may exceed 20%, in which case BKR member firms would be able to leverage the larger of the two discounts.
• Consultation to explore the firm’s 1040/1041 tax document automation and workflow needs.
• Scanner testing (SurePrep snail-mails hard copy sample documents, which the firm scans. SurePrep then evaluates the output files for OCR accuracy and assists with scanner settings adjustments to improve quality).
• 10 free 1040SCAN ORGANIZE units. Free units must be used by  December 31 of the calendar year in which they are offered.

For more information and to access this offer, visit our website or contact Vice President of Marketing Greg Pope at 1-949-863-2008 or