B & C Share Legislation Insights on Corporate Tax Residency and Product Safety

Published on Mar 7th, 2024

B&C Legal outline the details of new Italian legislation on corporate tax residency, introduced through the Internationalization decree.

This sets forth new criteria for determining the tax residency of companies. The amendments to the Income Tax Consolidation Act now consider a company to be resident for tax purposes in Italy if it has its registered office, place of effective management, or main place of ordinary management within the country. These criteria aim to provide a more immediate and clear understanding of a company’s tax residency. For a more detailed analysis, you can read the full article here.

This second article from B&C highlights the key points of EU Regulation 2023/988 on the general safety of consumer products placed on the EU market.

This Regulation, effective from December 13, 2024, emphasizes the general obligation for economic operators in the production and distribution chain to only place safe products on the market. It covers products intended for consumers and sets new rules for online sales, ensuring uniformity in product safety standards. The Regulation expands the definition of “safe product,” introduces obligations for manufacturers, importers, distributors, and online marketplace providers, and emphasizes cooperation among economic operators and with supervisory authorities. Product traceability, risk assessment, consumer remedies, and penalties for non-compliance are also discussed in the comprehensive framework of the Regulation. For a more detailed analysis, you can read the full article here