Tim Morris


BKR Worldwide

Tim Morris is the CEO of BKR International. Prior to this he was the Executive Director for BKR’s EMEA Region. He joined BKR from the consultancy firm, NJHM Associates Limited. He has a wide background in the international, diplomatic, and security sectors. He started his professional life working for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, which took him around the world from New Zealand to Canada, Hong Kong to Malawi. He has lived and worked in Europe, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bangladesh.

As the CEO of BKR International, Tim is responsible for developing BKR globally. He assists the three regions to develop to their full potential. He enjoys meeting members and helping them make the most of their membership of BKR International. He is based in UK, but works through the Executive Office in New York.

Tim is keen on history, watching sport (his playing days are over!), culture, nature, and cooking. He likes to keep himself fit.

  • Address: 19 Fulton Street, Suite 401, New York, New York 10038 USA
  • Phone: 212-964-2115
  • Email: tim.morris@bkr.com