New Members in Kenya and India join us in Amsterdam

Published on November 07, 2022

Francis Wamira (Nairobi), Marycris Oplas (WW Chair) & Balwan Bansal (Gurgaon) (L-R)

BKR International were delighted to welcome two new members, Acupro Consulting, India and Wamira & Associates, Kenya who made their debut into BKR International in Amsterdam at the Annual Worldwide Meeting.

Acupro Consulting based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India has a broad client base across a diverse range of international businesses and industries including a specialist team that exclusively caters to the varied needs of startups. Dedicated to providing solution oriented advisory and implementation services in the fields of taxation, regulations and accounting, Acupro Consulting are committed to making a difference to their clients, to their people and to the financial world.

Based in Nairobi, Wamira & Associates have grown in scale and diversity since their inception in 2011 and today have additional offices across Kenya, and in Rwanda and operate internationally across East Africa. Wamira & Associates’ provide audit, tax, legal, financial advisory and consulting services and their experience includes tertiary institutions, World Bank Assisted projects and state Parastatals and institutions, Banks, Insurance Companies as well as medium sized Private Limited Liability Companies.

The new Worldwide Chair, Marycris Oplas (Manila) extended a warm welcome to Francis Wamira and Balwan Bansal ;  ‘It is always marvellous to welcome new members to BKR International, even better during our our annual meeting which has offered them the fantastic chance to meet fellow members in person. The business opportunities offered
 by membership of a global organisation like ours are great and as their firms develop, I look forward to seeing both at many more meetings’.