Eurofast SEEME News Update

Published on August 08, 2022

The pandemic restrictions belong to the past and we slowly enter a post COVID-19 world! We have already seen businesses returning to working at the office, but with new knowledge of the benefits of working models.

Witnessing from afar, as the rest of the world did, the war in Ukraine we felt it was our duty to respond to this unfolding humanitarian crisis by offering help and resources to the displaced, and Ukrainians on the ground and the opportunity for a new beginning in one of our jurisdictions.

We are proud to have been awarded Best Cross-Border Tax Advisory firm in South East Europe by Receiving this recognition is a huge honour for us and demonstrates the level of trust our clients and associates place on working with us.

Moreover we are excited to announce the newly acquired premises in Skopje and the renovation of our, ecologically and dog friendly, Nicosia office. Both designed for engagement and collaboration after a 2-year period of remote work and social distancing.

It is also a great pleasure to announce the joining of new colleagues across our teams in the region. More than 20 new colleagues, some of whom you will meet further below, joined Eurofast this year and we always aim on growing our family further.

A lot has changed during the pandemic but our commitment to you is, and will remain, stronger than ever.

We wish you all a restful and carefree summer!

The CEO Office

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