BKRToronto21 finishes on a high

Published on November 05, 2021

ESG Panel - Toronto & Sydney

It has been great to hold our first meeting in person at the BKR WW meeting in Toronto. ‘Driven by innovation…Sustainability for all’ has been a great theme as we move forward and learn to live with the pandemic. Our final panel of the meeting on ESG, led by Pamela Cone (Amity Advisory), with Andre Buijsman (Flynth) both on stage and Wali Aziz (Walker Weyland NSW) and Iain Smaile (Pangolin) both remote from Australia.

A big thanks to all at Welch LLP for hosting us so well in the Fairmont Royal York. It has been marvelous to get together. It really demonstrates how much more useful it is meeting face to face. You cannot replicate the sidebars on Zoom, however useful the technology is.

It has been so good to catch up with old friends after so long and a great opportunity to do business.