BKR Italian and French Member Firm Meeting

Published on December 03, 2021

Thursday November 18, Isabelle Bridelle and Thierry Quentin from Exponens Avocats, the law firm associated with Exponens (Paris, France), met their counterpart, Maria Adele de Luca Partner at B&C Legal, the law firm associated with B&C Tax Milan. Also present were Arcangelo Agogliati, Partner at B&C Tax, and David Dana Partner at Exponens.

The meeting was held in the premises of Exponens near the Arc the Triomphe, Paris.

The practices of each firm (including Commercial law, Corporate, M&A, Employment, litigation, Retail Real Estate and IP/IT) were presented as well as their respective approaches to their profession. All commented how much aligned the firms were aligned and in particular that they appeared to share the same vision of the profession and the same values. 

After the presentations, Arcangelo and David commented on how confident they were in the ability of the two law firms to work and develop together and that they look forward to a successful relationship similar to that of the two accounting and audit firms. 

As is the tradition within BKR International of convivial exchanges, discussions continued during lunch in a most pleasant restaurant.