BKR International Member Firms Respond to the Ukraine Crisis

Published on March 21, 2022

BKR International is an Association of independent accountants.  But it is also a family which in turn means that we give help when asked, offer advice when needed and when we can all come together, we do just that.

The situation in Ukraine is unimaginable.  Every day the consequences for Ukrainians become more dire and more and more long term.  The effects of the current events will reach far into the future and will touch all of us.  Right now the effects are felt most by the Ukrainians who are fleeing their country and by those trying to help them. 

The BKR family is not idle. I am aware of acts of kindness and of action in at least three of our firms.  Foppe Andriesse of DBH in Hungary helped me get some Moroccan students who had fled Ukraine back to Morocco and Eurofast, Cyprus have committed to finding longer terms solutions.  Much closer to the tragic events is Kamila Gizińska of Acartus in Poland.

If BKR can shine a spotlight on their activity, then we will. I therefore attach notes from both Kamila and Maria (Eurofast). Please read them in full.  Please also let me have any other information you feel may be of interest in BKR.

From Kamila Gizińska, Poland:

We currently have many refugees from Ukraine in Poland. The state promised to participate in the costs of their maintenance. However, there is no help so far. The support that Ukrainians receive comes from private individuals and from foundations and charitable organizations.

As far as I know from my friends going with aid convoys to the border from Ukraine, the situation is dramatic there. Two Ukrainian women with children, who my friends and me took care of, came to us after 4 days wearing the same clothes and underwear.  These people had nothing with them.

If someone from abroad wants to help, it is best to pay money to a specialized organization. One such organisation that I use and trust is the Centre of the Light-Life Foundation.  There details are: 

The organization's name : Ośrodek Fundacji Światło-Życie w Jastrzębiu-Zdroju (Center of the Light-Life Foundation in Jastrzębie-Zdrój)
Bank Pekao:  PL42124043861111001087029690
Title of transfer: Pomoc dla Ukrainy: Ośrodek Drohobycz

They buy fuel in Poland (there is no fuel in Ukraine),power generators, medicines, blankets, sleeping bags and food, and transport it to Ukraine.  On the way back, they bring several dozen Ukrainians each time (they are women with children).  When they arrive in Poland, they receive material assistance and a roof over their heads, mainly in private homes.

Poles are very generous and show great compassion.  We, Poles, also feel the effects of the war strongly. Prices are rising at an alarming rate. The same applies to interest rates and, of course, loan instalments.

Due to millions of refugees who often need immediate medical attention, it is difficult to get to the doctors or the hospital. Our health service has never been in the best condition, as evidenced in the period of increased cases of Covid disease. Another problem is that there are no universal vaccination programs in Ukraine, and the incoming people suffer not only from Covid, but also from diseases that are rare in Poland.


Independent Member

From Maria Mestana, Eurofast Cyprus:

“Due to the sad and devastating situations in Ukraine at this difficult time of suffering, in my capacity I urge all our members to help the Ukrainians Nationals who are fleeing in your countries. I am encouraging all of you to employ as many Ukrainian professionals as you can.

All our Eurofast offices are in EU countries and we commit to hiring 25 Ukrainian professionals in the immediate future. 

Taking the chance let me also inform you that we are undertaking the collection of humanitarian aid and donations to the people in Ukraine. 

The European Union will grant Ukrainian Refugees the right to stay and work for up to three years (will provide same level of protection, for one to three years, in all EU states, including a residence permit and access to employment and social welfare, EU Temporary Protection Directive). I can assure you that many Ukrainians accountants and lawyers are of a high standards and professionalism.”

Maria Mestana 
Executive & Marketing Assistant 
Coordination Division | Eurofast | Cyprus
Η μεγαλύτερη κυπριακή συμβουλευτική εταιρεία στην Ελλάδα