Letter from BKR's Worldwide Chair: September/October 2020

Published on September 01, 2020

Manuel Rangel, Jr.

Dear Members:

It is with hope and humble thanks that I write my last letter to you as Worldwide Chair. Soon you will welcome a new Worldwide Chair, Graeme Boake (Johannesburg), in the grand tradition of our association. Thank you, Graeme, for taking this role.  I am certain you will experience the same sense of welcome and support that I have experienced from leaders, members, and staff over the past two years. 

To review our accomplishments together, I have to emphasize our unity in the face of challenges. In just two years, we have grown much closer – among our leadership, with our communications, and as people overcoming rapid personal and economic change. I could not imagine when taking this role in BKR International that we would suddenly all face the same disruption to our businesses, travel, and sense of personal health and safety. But here we are. And we have relied on each other.

When travel stopped, we reconnected online. When business changed, we reached out for ideas and resources. When our clients needed our help, we stepped up. The accounting profession is built on knowledge and service. I want to thank you all for delivering both.

With that in mind, continue to pursue excellence for your team and in your life. I look forward to connecting with you virtually at upcoming meetings, and welcoming new regional and Worldwide Board members. The promoted and new Worldwide Board members are:

  • Graeme Boake (Johannesburg), new Worldwide Chair;
  • Marycris Oplas (Manila), new Vice Chair;
  • Dave Davis (San Jose) from non-voting to voting member;
  • Arcangelo Agogliati (Milan), for outgoing board member Jacqueline Wolfovski (Paris);
  • Andre Buijsman (Amersfoort) as the new EMEA Regional Chair;
  • Ulrich Viefers (Düsseldorf), for outgoing board member Nilesh Shah (London); and
  • Subir Dutta (Kolkata) as the new Asia-Pac Regional Chair.

I also hope that we will be in a good position by next spring to hold our 2021 Americas Regional Meeting in Mexico City as currently planned. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I would love to host you all in my home city.

Join me in special thanks to Worldwide CEO Howard Rosen; regional Executive Directors Salvio Valenzuela,  AJ Johnson, and Tim Morris; outgoing Worldwide Board members Jacqueline Wolfovski and Nilesh Shah; and current board members Graeme Boake, Karen Brenneman, Manu Chadha, David Goldner, Raymi Mejia, Marycris Oplas, Ulrich Viefers, and Dave Davis. I also want to thank our headquarters team in New York, Jeremy, Belinda, and Yomi, and Sunny Rowley in London, for all that you do.

Most of all, thank you members. You help BKR International strengthen our regions, attract new members, develop young leaders, and continue to promote the growth of independent firms around the world.

We are BKR. 

Manuel Rangel, Jr.
BKR International Worldwide Chair
52 55 52 43 17 93