Wolters Kluwer's Fraud Risks When Conducting Remote Audits

September 28, 2023

12:00 PM ET

Special BKR Rate: $86.25

Instructor: Robert Minniti

CPE Credits: 2

With the COVID-19 pandemic, government shutdowns of businesses, employees working from home, inability to conduct site visits, and social distancing, what fraud risks should auditors consider when planning and conducting an audit in today’s world? What additional fraud risks exist for observing inventory and verifying fixed assets? What are the additional risks when you cannot be onsite for the audit? What are the risks when employees are working from home? How do you conduct walkthroughs and interviews in a COVID-19 environment? This session is designed to explore these issues and discuss audit procedures that can help to mitigate these fraud risks. We will also discuss possible disclosures that may need to be added to the audit report for work arounds or scope limitations.

This course would be appropriate for, CPAs, CFEs, CMAs, CIAs, MAFFs, CGMAs, CFOs, directors, department managers, auditors, bookkeepers, staff accountants, and others working on an internal or external audit team.

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