Wolters Kluwer's Foundations for a Strong Internal Audit Department

September 7, 2022

3:00 PM ET

Speaker: Lynn Fountain

CPE Credits: 2

Discounted BKR Fee: $79.50

Topics Covered

*Insight on the realities of internal audit management roles.
*Elements needed to build a strong internal audit department to provide the most value for your company.

It has been a challenging few years for all professions. Internal Audit is no exception. With the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic in early 2020, Internal Audit departments found themselves challenged to complete their normal assigned duties and audit plans. Due to the sudden challenges of running the everyday business caused by COVID-19, management looked to Internal Audit for help with managing all aspects of everyday business. For a period, Internal Audit found themselves “moving backward” supporting management projects and being relegated to managing the Sarbanes-Oxley process.

Even as we are in the year 2022, many Internal Audit groups are challenged to return to their dedicated charter and responsibilities. The COVID-19 virus has impacted businesses in many ways. But Internal Audit must find a way to move past the disruption and back towards their assigned duty of risk mitigation and evaluation.

Individuals considering an Internal Audit management role should understand the challenges, as well as benefits, that may be presented within an Internal Audit role. It is critical that certain elements of the job be well understood by those holding the positions. And in today’s economic environment, Internal Auditors must able to provide management with assurances regarding the necessity of their defined role.

This session is designed to step into the reality of the Internal Audit management role and discuss some of the concepts that aren’t always openly discussed within organizations, but are important concepts the Internal Audit manager should ensure they can clarify with management and be prepared to address on the job. Register here.