Firm Administrators Practice Group Telemeeting

November 30, 2021

Topic: The Great Resignation: The Tasks Ahead for Firm Administrators and HR Teams
Speaker: Lee Frederiksen (Hinge Marketing)

Time: 2:00 PM ET

The numbers are staggering. An average of 4 million Americans each month have quit their jobs for more fulfilling work since April. Pundits call this the “Great Resignation,” and professional services firms are being hit the hardest. CPA firms are no exception. There’s a lot of speculation about why this exodus is happening. Hinge Research Institute’s study of 1,034 job seekers and talent evaluators, conducted during the COVID crisis, provides surprising data-based insights into the factors driving active and passive job seekers. Lee Frederiksen, PhD, a former tenured behavioral psychology professor turned entrepreneur, will walk participants through the study and reveal what job seekers want to avoid, what they're looking for, and what factors tip the balance in favor of a firm. Participants will learn how to build a killer employer brand that works even in this strange new marketplace. 

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