2021 EMEA AGM and Regional Conference

June 7, 2021

This year’s EMEA Regional Conference will be on 7th June.  A virtual event it is hoped that many more will be able to attend.  There will be a formal AGM followed by a conference leading on Innovation. 

The day will focus on the human brain’s creative potential, where good ideas come from and why innovation is critical for a successful future as we all cope with the legacies left by the pandemic. 

You will hear, from three different speakers, how to tap into your own creative potential and how to drive innovation in your own firms.  Through the use of various insights  techniques and approaches you will consider real and pressing challenges facing your firms today and consider where improvements and innovation are needed.  You will explore topics such as the brain’s imagination network, the tyranny of natural inertia, convergent versus divergent thinking, why a ‘eureka’ moment is never out of blue and why constraint is sometimes good for creativity. 

Key outcomes of the day will be better knowledge of how to build innovative and open cultures within your firms and an understanding of how to engage in robust problem-solving and iterative learning on both an individual and a collective level.  

Register for the event here.