Albrecht, Viggiano, Zureck & Co., P.C. (Long Island) Says Goodbye to Thomas J. Murray, Former Managing Partner

It is with so many mixed emotions that Albrecht, Viggiano, Zureck & Co., P.C. (AVZ) must say goodbye to another valued member of its family. On December 31st, Thomas J. Murray will be retiring after 42 years of loyal service. For 15 years, Tom led AVZ as Managing Partner. Always reliable and a team player, there was never a moment of doubt when Tom was in charge. His vast experience made him an expert in his field and someone who always seemed to have the answers when presented with a challenge. Tom has never let the firm down.

With class and determination, he guided AVZ through a plethora of operational, administrative, business development, and managerial issues. Tom was always dedicated to delivering the highest level of client service, and his enduring relationships are a testament to this commitment. Over the last few years, he has been an integral part of AVZ Wealth Management, LLC. He approached those responsibilities with the same zeal and commitment he places on each and every duty entrusted to him. Tom has always concentrated on getting the job done with exceptional professionalism, thought, talent, quality, consistency, focus, and a deep sense of doing what's best for his clients, employees, and AVZ.

But there was so much more to Tom. He has a natural likeability, a good sense of humor, talents that run from sports (golf) to music (guitar playing) and always found time to show his support to anyone who is going through a rough time in their life. He is truthful, ethical, smart, conscientious, professional, loyal, kind, generous, hard-working, and always reliable. AVZ's history is filled with exceptionally talented people who featured in prominent ways at various times. His tireless efforts helped shape AVZ into what it is today. Tom was always quick to see a person's talent and help them push beyond the limits of their capabilities in order to understand their true potential.

Needless to say, however, it is with gratitude and sadness to see the sun setting on yet another valued member of the AVZ family. The firm would like to thank Tom for all of his  contributions in helping to shape AVZ, for the moments in its history that belong to him alone, for the leadership and guidance, and for the many peaks and valleys shared along the way.

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