Forensic Accounting/Litigation Support Practice Group Telemeeting

June 19

2:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Topic: Shareholder Disputes
Participants will earn one hour of CPE credit.
The dial-in number is 1-866-548-4713, and the pass code is 9943787.
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Registrant Firm Topics
Sean Kaufmann Albrecht, Viggiano, Zureck & Co., P.C.
Marnie Silver SF Partnership Unique experiences/war stories dealing with shareholder disputes
Topics of interest for the group
Corporate Divorce Litigation Presentation
Josh Epstein SF Partnership, LLP
John Shillingsford Albrecht, Viggiano, Zureck & Co., P.C.
Jason Schellhaas Malcolm M. Dienes, LLC
Andy Clausen DS&B, Ltd.